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Big Bag

General Characteristics:

Big-Bags are used for storing loose products (fertilizers, plastic granulates, minerals, sand, cement, lime, sugar, gum granulates and others).

They are used in chemical industry, feeding stuff industry, food industry, mining, etc. Manufactured from strong polypropylene fabrics with various technical solutions, they guarantee safe loading and unloading of big quantities of goods using mechanical equipment.

Container bags are offered in the following versions:

  • one handle,

  • two handle,

  • four handle,

Their construction is compliant with customer’s preferences.

The bags made of

Circular woven (non-coated and coated) fabrics; flat (non-coated and coated) fabrics.

Big-Bags can be made with PE inserts, prints, side sealing and pockets for documents.


Big Bag
Big Bag

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