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Jute bags


Jute bags are used for storing loose materials like flour, sugar, poppy seeds, seeds and others, including metal items, gifts etc.

We offer bags with prints and PE inserts.

Jute Bags - Sizes:

50x55 cm, 55x105 cm, 60x100 cm, 60x105 cm, 65x105 cm

Jute Bags - Weight:

from 200 to 500 g/m2

Various sizes and weight of bags are compliant with customer’s preferences.

Jute Bags - Packing:

Bags are packed in packs of 1000 bags

Standard size:
50x55 cm
55x105 cm
60x100 cm
60x105 cm
65x105 cm


Jute bags
Jute bags

Jute bags - cena

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